We are a team of young creative people. Eager to tackle our customers marketing issues. With a different and new angle on video production, the right results are created in close collaboration with the customers. We think and communicate visually, and have a modern approach to project management and problem solving.

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Andrei Lazar


Andrew has been a solid part of the team, almost since day one, his creativity is beyond this world. We have had Andrew on almost 200 different jobs in the last 5 years, and he has never let us down. This man is a workhorse and can practically do anything when it comes to video, though he cannot put together anything when it comes to IKEA. Also Andrew is very fond of Romanian Minimal Techno, and can possibly name the artist and song name for you if you just play the first 2-3 seconds. - also bubi blep

Kenny Rehmeier

Founder and daily chief

Kenny is the Founder and CEO of Visualize You, He created the company back in 2014 with his buddy Rasmus, and ever since he has been working day and night for almost 5 years to become the best video production company it can possibly be. Kenny is also loves cats and ``dogs`` He spends his days when not at work with his little cat Peanut, and he is also a huge nerd and raided world of warcraft for 8 years of his life 🙂

Pawel Weglorz


Pawel is the newest member of the team, and also the only one capable of fixing IKEA furniture! - Pawel is a man that can basically fix everything ,come ikea furniture or video production, he always has a good idea of executing, he very much enjoys product videos and we would say it's he special little niece where no one can touch him. He is the supreme master of the small details, and a guy we value highly on the team


We shot a few selected videos for Lauries new tag line.
Dance like no one is watching


One of three videos we shot for LEGO to showcase the different abilities kids learn throughout play

Aarhus Art Festival

An entire week of art and summer, captivated to showcase the feeling of being at Aarhus Art Festival



Client: Salling Group

Within the last couple of years, we've been able to work with Salling Group a number of times. We practically delivered every kind of video to Salling Group and their…

Client: Ministry of Snus

One of Visualize You's newest and most exciting clients is Ministry of Snus. Maybe you haven't heard of them yet, but you probably will soon. Ministry of Snus is a…

Client: CULT

Visualize You have been working with CULT since 2015. This has been a collaboration that has included almost every picture and video content imaginable; push content, live streaming, advertisements, product…

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